About Jess

(Written by her human)

Jess thinks that this blog is an invasion of her privacy but agreed to participate as she would not like Marly to get all the attention.

She is certain she is fully “Burmese” as she “could not look this fabulous with any moggy mixed in”. Despite not knowing who her cat daddy is she is certain he was a king and she will one day be found and live in a Cat Nip Castle with her royal siblings; just like in Princess Diaries.

She insists she does love her human mummy (“she gives great cuddles and likes a Saturday morning lie in with me”) and human daddy (“he always plays with me and buys gourmet cat food for a treat”) but feels she is superior to company she keeps.

If she could drive she says she would go to London and take on the Whiskah’s cat. She looks very similar but has a pretty white tummy and wears a fabulous silver collar as well.

Jess is very charming to everyone and loves to flirt with visitors but says “you should always leave them wanting more” and often retreats to relax on her own when people are in the house. Unless there is food around of course… her favourite gathering is a BBQ.


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