About Marly

My name is Marly without an “e” … people spell it wrong a lot. I blame my human mummy as she accidently spelt it a weird way and is stubborn. She says it suits me like this because I am quirky.

I am now 6 years old but I still look and act like a kitten. I have a pink nose with freckles, little white socks, a white belly and a soft fluffy tabby coat. I think I must take after my cat daddy more than my cat mummy as I am not silver like my sister Jess and cat mummy Lily.

Me and Jess are both “Burmese Cross” but I think Jess got all the “Burmese” and I got all the “Cross”! I am not grumpy though; I am always purring and love a cuddle. My favourite way to have cuddles is laid on my back with my belly on display for a tickling.

I miss my human mummy and daddy lots when they go to work and I always greet them by meowing on repeat until I am picked up. I think they need to relax more so I always sit on them and act super-cute when they should be making dinner or going out. If they do resist and leave the house they look like me as I shed lots of hair on them to make sure other cats know they are mine.


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