Cats at your Wedding …

As a crazy cat couple (and proud) my husband and I were asked one question in particular in the lead up to our wedding; Would Marly and Jess be joining us on the big day?

The short answer was no … As much as I would have loved to have them with us, I think it would have been cruel and an unnecessary stress for them.

However we ensured they were well represented and our reputation remains strong. I wanted to share what we did in case it inspires and helps anyone else in the same situation.


For our evening guests we decided on postcard style invites and came across a lovely cat design online (Colorworks Bath*1). We spoke with the company and changed the colours in the hearts to our wedding colours and this was the result.

Love Cats Wedding Invites

I know they got a few smiles when received and some of our day guests who received sophisticated traditional invites even asked if they could have an evening invite to keep as well.

Life-size cut-outs

We had the help of my husband’s fantastic dad to make this happen but I am sure print companies would be able to help.

Take a picture of your cat, preferably on a white background and in good light. We used many treats and posed them against a white wall. It took time and effort but we ended up with 2 gorgeous photos and were ready to get printed. Make sure they are printed on a very thick card, at the very least, so they are strong and sturdy. Ours are plastic. Finally attach a stand horizontally on the back so they can stand independently.

Wedding Cut Outs

Ours were actually slightly bigger than life-size and looked great. We made the mistake of showing the Jess one to Marly and she was petrified so this is something that should probably be avoided.

They were with us in the ceremony room, on the mantelpiece during speeches and then used as fantastic props in the photo booth. But not before they had a picture just the two of them:

Cats in Photo Booth

Cake toppers

We wanted to have cake toppers of ourselves and it seemed right to have the cats sat at our feet. My husband painted and personalised the below to perfection. The wooden peg people were from Goose Grease on Etsy*2 and the cat were smaller versions of the same pegs styled with clay. You can buy them plain and get creative or have them made for you. Personally I would pay someone but as you can see my husband is arty and has a very steady hand …

Cake Toppers


We had badges for all our day guests (shown in the centre of the picture below). I designed these as cat versions of myself and my husband. Then in the evening we had a selection of smaller badges including the 2 of Marly and Jess below. We wanted these to have a vintage feel so used the frames and added an ageing effect to the photos. These were snapped up first and worn happily by our guests. I am glad I didn’t see who was favourite though!

Wedding Cats Badges_small

 Table plan

We designed our table plan and when adding the circles to represent the tables we added ears. Simple but effective.


Our favours were bags full of lots of little things including a toy cat each. These were from Amscam International on Amazon*3. These were pretty silly, and I have no doubt that they are designed for kids parties, but they were good fun …

Amscan Cats

All this put together may seem like our wedding theme was “Cats” but as part of a big day I think they were just fun touches.

Ultimately on your wedding day you should do what is best for you and your husband and have fun – it should be the best day of your life and represent you as a couple. If you want anything slightly “kooky” then I say go for it.

We did and I regret nothing! Well apart from giving my bridesmaids flowers instead of a bunch of kittens …



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