The Cats and the New Baby

So I now have an 8 month old baby boy hence the silence on the blog for some time.

He is just great and oh so time consuming but I wanted my hobby back and plan to be back online blogging all things cat

Marly loves the baby …

Marky loves baby

Both cats showed interest from the moment we came home with this new and interesting creature. I think maybe they wondered why he was not hairy. He weighed pretty much the same as them so was a very similar size.

They showed interest until the first time he cried – and then they were off!

It did take some time for them to go near him again … and to be honest Jess to this day will give him a wide berth. She is however less jumpy when cries and will now sit in the same room.

Marly, as predicted, is completely smitten and now likes to be as close to him as we will let her. We have some lovely pictures of both Marly and the baby on my lap.

I still won’t leave them alone with the baby but I am more than comfortable with us all being together in the same room. It is lovely seeing the relationship between him and Marly develop. He gets excited when she enters the room and will stroke her when she is close enough. By stroke I mean hit and then pull hand away – sometimes a sneaky grab too! Luckily Marly enjoys this rough attention and purrs with delight.

All in all my worries about the cats accepting the baby were unwarranted. I make a conscious effort to fuss both cats daily and evenings are now back to “normal” for them as me and my hubby are able to concentrate on them fully as soon as the baby is asleep.

Happy cats = Happy house! :)


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