A “Top Cat” for your Drinks

A nice hot cup of tea is probably one of my favourite things; so when I saw this Mugtopper I had to have it. Promising to keep tea hotter for longer, and with a cat perched on the top, it is a sweet little item. I bought this in The Range and it was under £2. I am afraid I do not remember the exact amount (and they are not on the website) but it was reasonable.

Here it is:


Close up of the little face:


All the details on the back explain that it is designed to keep drinks warm for longer and also to keep “bits” out. It creates an airtight seal to achieve this.


My tea nice and hot …


Quite often at work I will get distracted and come back to my tea and it is luke warm and ruined. So to test I put on the Mugtopper and left for 20 minutes.


When 20 minutes were up it was still warm and drinkable whereas before I would have thrown away.

I looked into the range and found this set on Amazon for £4.99 (plus £2.99 delivery)



The description on product page made me smile… focusing on point 3.

  • Keeps your drink warm
  • Keeps bugs and flies out
  • Mini frisbee
  • Keeps fizz in

I think my cat is slightly less “bling” so interested to see what the difference is … plan to buy these to pass out as presents. I will start by giving my Nan the rose one for when she is gardening.

Overall I think a cheap and fun product which will bring a smile to someones face while having a practical use as well.

I have focused on hot drinks but it also keeps drinks cold or fizzy.

Perfect for the summer when us Brits like to sit in the sun with a “cuppa” or a glass of Pimms!


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