Hero Cat Saves an Abandoned Baby

Today I read an article that really pulled at my heartstrings. In Obinsk, Russia, a lovely long haired cat called Masha raised the alarm and kept an abandoned baby warm in sub-zero temperatures.


The baby had been left in a cardboard box with nappies and food, was well dressed and it seemed whoever left the baby was hoping that he would be found very quickly and looked after.

Masha helped by ensuring he was found as quickly as possible by meowing constantly and staying by the babies side which kept him warm.

It saddens me that someone felt there only choice was to abandon the baby but I am pleased that he was found and “declared fit and healthy” by the hospital.

I read the article here: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/hero-cat-rescues-baby-dumped-4982826



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