Cat Calendars – Ideal Christmas Presents

For the past 3 years I have made calendars for my family. It has become a tradition now and they all expect and I enjoy making them.

The first year I did pictures to fit the months so  Jess in rabbit ears for April (Easter), Marly in the garden sunbathing for August (Summer), etc etc. This was really easy to create.

Second year I picked pictures of hectic scenes and “photoshopped” Marly and Jess in each one. The aim was a “Where’s Wally” feel. This took some time and effort but it was enjoyable to do and added another level of fun to the calendar. My favourite was the Disney scene …


Jess is by the princess castle (of course) top right and Marly is ice skating with Thumper bottom right.

It came to December and I knew I had to begin making the calendar as I always try and do some editing in Photoshop first. If I have time on my side it also means I can keep an eye out for a deal. I buy 8 calendars so it’s always good to save some money on them.

I decided this year I would make a calendar out of mine and my husband’s Instagram pictures. Each month I put 2 pictures side by side and picked a checked background. This year I used Vistaprint and it worked well. I was worried about the print quality as I was using Instagram pictures but it turned out great.

For the cover I just put all the images side by side. This time all 8 calendars came to £50 including delivery.

Here is the calendar:



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