Can Cats Sense Pregnancy?

In short my personal opinion is yes! Marly especially has been acting even clingier and paying me and my belly a lot of attention. She has taken to pawing at the top of my legs with her head bowed to my bump. This continues for a while and she is in a trance like state. Once she decides to settle she then uses my bump as a pillow. Look at her silly little face below. She definitely looks suspicious in this picture …


“What’s in there mummy?!”

I don’t let her sit directly on me but this will cause no harm to my baby … if anything Marly is the one who will get a gentle kick as he begins to grow.

Even before I was looking physically any different both the cats acted oddly and “sniffed” at my belly.

They are also both very suspicious of all the new items coming into the house. We are being very strict and making it clear the nursery is off limits to them both. I can imagine the cot is looking very comfy and tempting to them. We are investing in a cat net for when the baby arrives; you can never be too safe in my opinion. Even with the net my aim will be to never leave them with him alone.

A great tip I was told at my NCT class was to put balloons in any items you do not want the cat near as this may deter them – and if it doesn’t the balloon popping almost certainly will.

Both the girls seem pretty content with the “Bump” … I think it may be a different story when he is here and getting all our attention. Time will tell.

Here is a beautiful picture of Marly and Jess with their mum to end this post:



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