Cats at Work

I have often thought that I would love to have Marly or Jess at work with me – they would be a lovely calming effect sat on my lap as I worked.

I have not been brave enough to ask and I am pretty sure the answer would be “no”. To be fair the reality would probably be awful – chasing them around, cleaning up any messes they made and getting on the bad side of colleagues with allergies or who just don’t like cats.

So a few weeks ago something perfect happened. I found a “work cat”.

Work cat

It must have sensed I loved cats – my squeal of delight was a giveaway – and came running over to me as soon as I saw it. I gave it a stroke and could tell it would be fine with a cuddle too.

I work in a business park nowhere near any homes so I have no idea where lives. I did not notice the patches on it’s legs at the time (and small dry patch on side) but I have seen since and this has cleared.

I have not seen too often but I am always told when outside the office and it makes my day to spot it from the window, I don’t smoke but I have decided when I see it from now on I will take a “cat break”.

I think my cat addiction is as valid as a smoking addiction any day.



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