The Paw Project

I watched a distressing program on Netflix today and am feeling really sad.

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I am so pleased that the program has been made as it highlights the brutal process of de-clawing a cat and the dangers it contains for the cat. It also highlighted that many people are un-educated and encouraged by vets – someone you naturally trust – to go ahead with the procedure.

De claw

* Image from

The program explains that it is not as simple as removing nails on a human but the nails grow as an extension of a bone. The picture above disturbingly and shockingly demonstrates this.

The consequences are pain, infection and behavoural problems; take away a cats ability to fight with its nails and it will bite and attack in other ways. I know I would be pretty angry if I lost the end of each finger.

Please watch the program – it will explain much better than me.

But in short you should not get a cat if you are not willing to accept the odd rip in your sofa! A cats happiness is way more precious thanĀ  any item of furniture. And a good scratching post can help prevent this too.

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