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Cheap Cat Tracking Device

While on holiday a few months ago Jess was a bit of a madam. We had family and friends looking after her and Marly and popping in morning and evening to feed and fuss them.

Jess was not happy with our disappearance and sought out cuddles elsewhere latching onto a neighbour who fed and let her sleep in her room for 4 nights. This mean’t she was in no hurry to come home to an empty house and get locked in.

We were all worried about her and returned from holiday with a mission to find her. In the end it was Marly who led us to her by miaowing and running to the block of flats backing on to our garden and looking back to check that we were watching her.

We walked round and asked someone outside if they had seen her. He said “yes” and walked us round to the garden. I shook some treats and she appeared!

We met the lady who had taken her in concerned and named her “Phoebe”. This is now our name for her when she is naughty.

Taking her home we were worried that she would disappear again and be lured in by food and cuddles so we bought her a collar with her name, my phone number, “microchipped” and “Do not feed” on it.

Jess tracking collar

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The Paw Project

I watched a distressing program on Netflix today and am feeling really sad.

For all details visit:

I am so pleased that the program has been made as it highlights the brutal process of de-clawing a cat and the dangers it contains for the cat. It also highlighted that many people are un-educated and encouraged by vets – someone you naturally trust – to go ahead with the procedure.

De claw

* Image from

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Cat Jewellery

I love costume jewellery and have a few fun cat pieces and more than a few on my wish list too.

Fallen Saint

My husband bought me a Fallen Saint Alice in Wonderland inspired necklace which is really quirky and always gets comments. It is a jar of Cat’s Meow and below is a picture of it with a few other catty Fallen Saint necklaces. Number 4 I bought for my cousin as it made me laugh and it sums up the women in my family pretty well. 5 is not strictly cat related but it is a “C”, my initial and a good example of the letter lockets they sell.

Fallen Saint

  1. Cat’s Meow –
  2. Cat’s Whiskers –
  3. Cheshire Cat Locket –
  4. We’re all mad here –
  5. Floral “C” –

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Cat Pumps

Today I went to Primark for some plain black pumps. I bought the pumps and I also walked out with these…


It was hard to resist at only £3. They also had them in grey and black leopard print and floral. They will be perfect for weekends in the sun and relaxing in the park. When the sun finally appears that is.


I think Marly approves too.