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Grandma or Vets?

Written by Marly

Mummy and daddy play a game with me called “Grandma or Vets?” These are the only 2 places I ever go so every time I am put in the basket they sing a silly song and I have to guess where I am going.

I have been poorly the past few days and been waking mummy and daddy by being sick at 5am every morning. It is horrible and looks like poo. So when I was put in the basket today I was pretty certain I was going to the vets.

I feel OK in myself and have been hungry and happy but it was good that I went to the vet to be sure. Plus, I enjoy the vets. She checked my heartbeat and I enjoyed the attention and rolled around on the table. Then she weighed me and I am now 3.4kg. I have lost 0.5kg since January but this is as been so hot and you can’t tell as I am so fluffy. I am still a healthy weight so this is good too.

Then she did something a bit uncomfortable and tested my temperature by putting a thermometer up my bottom. It was over quite quickly but it was quite a shock and mummy had to hold me down.

Shocked Marly

The diagnosis was fur balls and medication is being added to my food for 3 days which should mean I can “pass” the hairballs easier and I will not be sick.

I will keep you updated.

The Cat with the Sweet Tooth

For my last birthday my cousin bought me a lovely bottle of champagne and some of the most delicious chocolates*1 I have EVER tasted. Since I have noticed them in Boots and Waitrose and you can buy them online.

Monty Bojangles

What sets them apart from other chocolates and makes them an ideal present for anyone cat mad like me is Monty Bojangles. Branded as “The Cat in Charge” and on all the boxes.


Try them – I promise you will not be disappointed.


Pretty Purrfect Nails …

I am obsessed with painting my nails and am often changing the colour daily. The smallest chip and I want to redo them. I love bright colours and patterns and after a recent trip to Wah Nails*1 I am feeling very inspired.

Wah Nails is in Topshop on Oxford Street so I went with my sister and we spent the day shopping, lunching and having our nails done. The salon itself is small and sweet with an amazing collage wall and lovely chatty staff. It feels like such a treat and a step up from a “normal” manicure. They will either work on your own nails or on false nails.

Wah Nails London Wall

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Choupette … A Fashionable Feline!

Flicking through Look Magazine*1 on this beautiful sunny afternoon I came across a very pampered kitty indeed. Owned by Karl Lagerfield and living a lifestyle any cat would dream of, Choupette is pretty fabulous.


She has 18,630 Instagram*2 followers (when I added) and counting and is a Chanel “dahling” posting images of Anna Wintour, Delevingne, Rhianna and Lady Gaga. Also on Twitter*3 with 38,987 followers she is described as:

I’m a famous beauty who refuses to eat on the floor & my maids pamper my every need. I am Choupette Lagerfeld and I am a spoiled pussy.

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Cats at your Wedding …

As a crazy cat couple (and proud) my husband and I were asked one question in particular in the lead up to our wedding; Would Marly and Jess be joining us on the big day?

The short answer was no … As much as I would have loved to have them with us, I think it would have been cruel and an unnecessary stress for them.

However we ensured they were well represented and our reputation remains strong. I wanted to share what we did in case it inspires and helps anyone else in the same situation.

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Fifty Shades of Grey

Tomorrow the film trailer for “Fifty Shades of Grey” is released.

I am looking forward to seeing how they have adapted the E L James novels for the big screen.

In the meantime I wanted to share my picture adaptation.

Warning: Close up content. 


Gotcha! :)

The Oldest Cat ever Recorded …

I came across this Twitter post*1 today and had mixed feelings.

Creme Puff

Initially I was happy as the age my cats will live to is something that worries me. They are 6 already and at 7 they are classed as middle aged which seems crazy to me as they still seem like kittens. I guess if you look to the common rule of 1 cat year is 7 human years, then my cats are 42 years old. But then that means that this cat was 231!!!

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Meet Jess

 (Written by her human)

Jess thinks that this blog is an invasion of her privacy but agreed to participate as she would not like Marly to get all the attention.

She is certain she is fully “Burmese” as she “could not look this fabulous with any moggy mixed in”. Despite not knowing who her cat daddy is she is certain he was a king and she will one day be found and live in a Cat Nip Castle with her royal siblings; just like in Princess Diaries.

She insists she does love her human mummy (“she gives great cuddles and likes a Saturday morning lie in with me”) and human daddy (“he always plays with me and buys gourmet cat food for a treat”) but feels she is superior to company she keeps.

If she could drive she says she would go to London and take on the Whiskah’s cat. She looks very similar but has a pretty white tummy and wears a fabulous silver collar as well.

Jess is very charming to everyone and loves to flirt with visitors but says “you should always leave them wanting more” and often retreats to relax on her own when people are in the house. Unless there is food around of course… her favourite gathering is a BBQ.



Meet Marly

My name is Marly without an “e” … people spell it wrong a lot. I blame my human mummy as she accidently spelt it a weird way and is stubborn. She says it suits me like this because I am quirky.

I am now 6 years old but I still look and act like a kitten. I have a pink nose with freckles, little white socks, a white belly and a soft fluffy tabby coat. I think I must take after my cat daddy more than my cat mummy as I am not silver like my sister Jess and cat mummy Lily.

Me and Jess are both “Burmese Cross” but I think Jess got all the “Burmese” and I got all the “Cross”! I am not grumpy though; I am always purring and love a cuddle. My favourite way to have cuddles is laid on my back with my belly on display for a tickling.

I miss my human mummy and daddy lots when they go to work and I always greet them by meowing on repeat until I am picked up. I think they need to relax more so I always sit on them and act super-cute when they should be making dinner or going out. If they do resist and leave the house they look like me as I shed lots of hair on them to make sure other cats know they are mine.



I love cats ..

… 2 cats in particular are always causing mischief, being adorable and giving me lots to talk about. So I figured why not write it all down in a blog and keep an online journal of my cats and general cat related nonsense. So here goes…

Expect the following:

  1. To get to know my cats – Marly and Jess
  2. Cat Trivia
  3. Lots of cute pictures
  4. The odd piece of advice

I hope you enjoy!