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Help us … Mummy’s watching the X Factor …

An open letter from Marly and Jess:

We need to be saved as mummy is singing along to X Factor and she is not very good! We try to tell her but she thinks we are “singing along”.

Even when we leave the room there is no escaping her squeals! As it is “Movies Week” this is the worst she has ever been.

Oh well it will be over soon.

Love Marly and Jess!


Random and Cute Cat Videos

If you are feeling blue head to Shironekoshiro‘s YouTube page to look at some random videos of cats like the one below. Spend some time watching cats with cabbage leaves on their heads or holding oranges. They seem really chilled and it calms me down just watching them.

Shironekoshiro also has a blog - and even though I can’t read the pictures are really cute.

Cats and oranges

I hope you enjoy as much as I did … :)

Scaredy Cat

Quite frankly Marly is a bit of a wimp.

Here is a list of the things she is scared of:

  • The hoover
  • The hairdryer
  • The ironing board unfolding
  • Deodorant
  • Any other cat

Basically she is scared of anything noisy and big and scarpers as soon as they are in sight – even before the noise begins!

Marly scared

Jess is not scared of anything! Cool as a cucumber …


If an intruder tries to get in the house I often find Jess right by the cat flap confronting the threat and Marly peering out of the window as the lookout.

It is definitely lucky for Marly that we decided to keep the sisters together otherwise she would be a quivering wreck.

Cats Protection – Donating and Shopping

I receive emails from Cats Protection and today I was sent this short note …

“We are very grateful to all of our supporters who voted for Cats Protection to win a £50,000 grant from Support Adoption For Pets towards a new isolation unit at our Haslemere Adoption Centre in Surrey.

Unfortunately we were not successful and we still need to raise the required funds for this desperately needed project.

The Haslemere Adoption Centre has already found loving new homes for over 200 cats and kittens this year. Isolation is used for cats that are unwell and need to be kept separately. Current isolation facilities at the centre are not adequate and urgently need replacing so that we can help even more cats.

Our video shows how life-changing the money would be for the cats and kittens at the centre. To make a donation please text CPAC77 £5 to 70070. Alternatively you can click here to donate via our JustGiving page.

Please help the cats at Haslemere Adoption Centre. Our work is not possible without your support.

Thank you.”

I wanted to help spread the word for the good cause… I have text and added my £5 to the fund. If you do donate, it’s also a great idea to add 25% at no extra cost with Gift Aid. All instructions to do this are in the response text you will receive when donate.

Today I also started my Christmas shopping and bought a couple of things from the shop – this is a great way to contribute and get great gifts at the same time.

Take a look …

As well as the expected cat related items there are also lots of great random items too. I won’t show you what I bought in case someone I have bought for is reading but here are some items in the shop:


I actually own the Kitty Keys as I received them as a gift one Christmas. I love them and am using the ginger cat as it reminds me of my dear departed cat Max. My hubby stole the black one – I think he picked as the least girly of the lot.

Happy shopping!

Cats at Work

I have often thought that I would love to have Marly or Jess at work with me – they would be a lovely calming effect sat on my lap as I worked.

I have not been brave enough to ask and I am pretty sure the answer would be “no”. To be fair the reality would probably be awful – chasing them around, cleaning up any messes they made and getting on the bad side of colleagues with allergies or who just don’t like cats.

So a few weeks ago something perfect happened. I found a “work cat”.

Work cat

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Cheap Cat Tracking Device

While on holiday a few months ago Jess was a bit of a madam. We had family and friends looking after her and Marly and popping in morning and evening to feed and fuss them.

Jess was not happy with our disappearance and sought out cuddles elsewhere latching onto a neighbour who fed and let her sleep in her room for 4 nights. This mean’t she was in no hurry to come home to an empty house and get locked in.

We were all worried about her and returned from holiday with a mission to find her. In the end it was Marly who led us to her by miaowing and running to the block of flats backing on to our garden and looking back to check that we were watching her.

We walked round and asked someone outside if they had seen her. He said “yes” and walked us round to the garden. I shook some treats and she appeared!

We met the lady who had taken her in concerned and named her “Phoebe”. This is now our name for her when she is naughty.

Taking her home we were worried that she would disappear again and be lured in by food and cuddles so we bought her a collar with her name, my phone number, “microchipped” and “Do not feed” on it.

Jess tracking collar

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Cat Jewellery

I love costume jewellery and have a few fun cat pieces and more than a few on my wish list too.

Fallen Saint

My husband bought me a Fallen Saint Alice in Wonderland inspired necklace which is really quirky and always gets comments. It is a jar of Cat’s Meow and below is a picture of it with a few other catty Fallen Saint necklaces. Number 4 I bought for my cousin as it made me laugh and it sums up the women in my family pretty well. 5 is not strictly cat related but it is a “C”, my initial and a good example of the letter lockets they sell.

Fallen Saint

  1. Cat’s Meow –
  2. Cat’s Whiskers –
  3. Cheshire Cat Locket –
  4. We’re all mad here –
  5. Floral “C” –

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Grandma or Vets?

Written by Marly

Mummy and daddy play a game with me called “Grandma or Vets?” These are the only 2 places I ever go so every time I am put in the basket they sing a silly song and I have to guess where I am going.

I have been poorly the past few days and been waking mummy and daddy by being sick at 5am every morning. It is horrible and looks like poo. So when I was put in the basket today I was pretty certain I was going to the vets.

I feel OK in myself and have been hungry and happy but it was good that I went to the vet to be sure. Plus, I enjoy the vets. She checked my heartbeat and I enjoyed the attention and rolled around on the table. Then she weighed me and I am now 3.4kg. I have lost 0.5kg since January but this is as been so hot and you can’t tell as I am so fluffy. I am still a healthy weight so this is good too.

Then she did something a bit uncomfortable and tested my temperature by putting a thermometer up my bottom. It was over quite quickly but it was quite a shock and mummy had to hold me down.

Shocked Marly

The diagnosis was fur balls and medication is being added to my food for 3 days which should mean I can “pass” the hairballs easier and I will not be sick.

I will keep you updated.

The Cat with the Sweet Tooth

For my last birthday my cousin bought me a lovely bottle of champagne and some of the most delicious chocolates*1 I have EVER tasted. Since I have noticed them in Boots and Waitrose and you can buy them online.

Monty Bojangles

What sets them apart from other chocolates and makes them an ideal present for anyone cat mad like me is Monty Bojangles. Branded as “The Cat in Charge” and on all the boxes.


Try them – I promise you will not be disappointed.