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Help us … Mummy’s watching the X Factor …

An open letter from Marly and Jess:

We need to be saved as mummy is singing along to X Factor and she is not very good! We try to tell her but she thinks we are “singing along”.

Even when we leave the room there is no escaping her squeals! As it is “Movies Week” this is the worst she has ever been.

Oh well it will be over soon.

Love Marly and Jess!


Scaredy Cat

Quite frankly Marly is a bit of a wimp.

Here is a list of the things she is scared of:

  • The hoover
  • The hairdryer
  • The ironing board unfolding
  • Deodorant
  • Any other cat

Basically she is scared of anything noisy and big and scarpers as soon as they are in sight – even before the noise begins!

Marly scared

Jess is not scared of anything! Cool as a cucumber …


If an intruder tries to get in the house I often find Jess right by the cat flap confronting the threat and Marly peering out of the window as the lookout.

It is definitely lucky for Marly that we decided to keep the sisters together otherwise she would be a quivering wreck.

Cheap Cat Tracking Device

While on holiday a few months ago Jess was a bit of a madam. We had family and friends looking after her and Marly and popping in morning and evening to feed and fuss them.

Jess was not happy with our disappearance and sought out cuddles elsewhere latching onto a neighbour who fed and let her sleep in her room for 4 nights. This mean’t she was in no hurry to come home to an empty house and get locked in.

We were all worried about her and returned from holiday with a mission to find her. In the end it was Marly who led us to her by miaowing and running to the block of flats backing on to our garden and looking back to check that we were watching her.

We walked round and asked someone outside if they had seen her. He said “yes” and walked us round to the garden. I shook some treats and she appeared!

We met the lady who had taken her in concerned and named her “Phoebe”. This is now our name for her when she is naughty.

Taking her home we were worried that she would disappear again and be lured in by food and cuddles so we bought her a collar with her name, my phone number, “microchipped” and “Do not feed” on it.

Jess tracking collar

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Cats at your Wedding …

As a crazy cat couple (and proud) my husband and I were asked one question in particular in the lead up to our wedding; Would Marly and Jess be joining us on the big day?

The short answer was no … As much as I would have loved to have them with us, I think it would have been cruel and an unnecessary stress for them.

However we ensured they were well represented and our reputation remains strong. I wanted to share what we did in case it inspires and helps anyone else in the same situation.

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Meet Jess

 (Written by her human)

Jess thinks that this blog is an invasion of her privacy but agreed to participate as she would not like Marly to get all the attention.

She is certain she is fully “Burmese” as she “could not look this fabulous with any moggy mixed in”. Despite not knowing who her cat daddy is she is certain he was a king and she will one day be found and live in a Cat Nip Castle with her royal siblings; just like in Princess Diaries.

She insists she does love her human mummy (“she gives great cuddles and likes a Saturday morning lie in with me”) and human daddy (“he always plays with me and buys gourmet cat food for a treat”) but feels she is superior to company she keeps.

If she could drive she says she would go to London and take on the Whiskah’s cat. She looks very similar but has a pretty white tummy and wears a fabulous silver collar as well.

Jess is very charming to everyone and loves to flirt with visitors but says “you should always leave them wanting more” and often retreats to relax on her own when people are in the house. Unless there is food around of course… her favourite gathering is a BBQ.