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Scaredy Cat

Quite frankly Marly is a bit of a wimp.

Here is a list of the things she is scared of:

  • The hoover
  • The hairdryer
  • The ironing board unfolding
  • Deodorant
  • Any other cat

Basically she is scared of anything noisy and big and scarpers as soon as they are in sight – even before the noise begins!

Marly scared

Jess is not scared of anything! Cool as a cucumber …


If an intruder tries to get in the house I often find Jess right by the cat flap confronting the threat and Marly peering out of the window as the lookout.

It is definitely lucky for Marly that we decided to keep the sisters together otherwise she would be a quivering wreck.

Cat Pumps

Today I went to Primark for some plain black pumps. I bought the pumps and I also walked out with these…


It was hard to resist at only £3. They also had them in grey and black leopard print and floral. They will be perfect for weekends in the sun and relaxing in the park. When the sun finally appears that is.


I think Marly approves too.

Grandma or Vets?

Written by Marly

Mummy and daddy play a game with me called “Grandma or Vets?” These are the only 2 places I ever go so every time I am put in the basket they sing a silly song and I have to guess where I am going.

I have been poorly the past few days and been waking mummy and daddy by being sick at 5am every morning. It is horrible and looks like poo. So when I was put in the basket today I was pretty certain I was going to the vets.

I feel OK in myself and have been hungry and happy but it was good that I went to the vet to be sure. Plus, I enjoy the vets. She checked my heartbeat and I enjoyed the attention and rolled around on the table. Then she weighed me and I am now 3.4kg. I have lost 0.5kg since January but this is as been so hot and you can’t tell as I am so fluffy. I am still a healthy weight so this is good too.

Then she did something a bit uncomfortable and tested my temperature by putting a thermometer up my bottom. It was over quite quickly but it was quite a shock and mummy had to hold me down.

Shocked Marly

The diagnosis was fur balls and medication is being added to my food for 3 days which should mean I can “pass” the hairballs easier and I will not be sick.

I will keep you updated.

Cats at your Wedding …

As a crazy cat couple (and proud) my husband and I were asked one question in particular in the lead up to our wedding; Would Marly and Jess be joining us on the big day?

The short answer was no … As much as I would have loved to have them with us, I think it would have been cruel and an unnecessary stress for them.

However we ensured they were well represented and our reputation remains strong. I wanted to share what we did in case it inspires and helps anyone else in the same situation.

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Meet Marly

My name is Marly without an “e” … people spell it wrong a lot. I blame my human mummy as she accidently spelt it a weird way and is stubborn. She says it suits me like this because I am quirky.

I am now 6 years old but I still look and act like a kitten. I have a pink nose with freckles, little white socks, a white belly and a soft fluffy tabby coat. I think I must take after my cat daddy more than my cat mummy as I am not silver like my sister Jess and cat mummy Lily.

Me and Jess are both “Burmese Cross” but I think Jess got all the “Burmese” and I got all the “Cross”! I am not grumpy though; I am always purring and love a cuddle. My favourite way to have cuddles is laid on my back with my belly on display for a tickling.

I miss my human mummy and daddy lots when they go to work and I always greet them by meowing on repeat until I am picked up. I think they need to relax more so I always sit on them and act super-cute when they should be making dinner or going out. If they do resist and leave the house they look like me as I shed lots of hair on them to make sure other cats know they are mine.