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Help us … Mummy’s watching the X Factor …

An open letter from Marly and Jess:

We need to be saved as mummy is singing along to X Factor and she is not very good! We try to tell her but she thinks we are “singing along”.

Even when we leave the room there is no escaping her squeals! As it is “Movies Week” this is the worst she has ever been.

Oh well it will be over soon.

Love Marly and Jess!


Random and Cute Cat Videos

If you are feeling blue head to Shironekoshiro‘s YouTube page to look at some random videos of cats like the one below. Spend some time watching cats with cabbage leaves on their heads or holding oranges. They seem really chilled and it calms me down just watching them.

Shironekoshiro also has a blog - and even though I can’t read the pictures are really cute.

Cats and oranges

I hope you enjoy as much as I did … :)