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Grey Cat Face Watch by Floozie

This weekend I was shopping with my mum when she spotted a watch that she knew I would have to have!

I often see cat related items which I love; but find myself asking the following questions:

Do I really need?
Is it nice or am I just taken in by the cat theme?
Am I too old for this?

This time I decided that although I didn’t really need, it was nice and age appropriate too. So with 2 questions out of 3 with positive answers; I made my way to the till.

My purchase was this Floozie Cat Watch:

Floozie Cat Watch

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Pet Insurance – A Yey or a Neigh

Firstly, apologies for the very cheesy pun in the title. I couldn’t resist!

Moving on …

I am a big believer in pet insurance … despite never having to use. I have insured Marly and Jess since I got them at a cost of £12 a month.

Let’s do the maths:

  • Born 28th June 2008 they are now 5 years and almost 7 months
  • I got them at 5 months
  • 5 years and 2 months = 62 months
  • 62 x 12 = £744

Some people may say that is a waste of £744 but in my eyes I have peace of mind.  If anything happens I will have no hesitation in approving any treatment and paying an excess on the insurance will be a small cost to pay.

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Cat Bookends

While looking through some old pictures my dad came across the 3 below.

Perfect bookend poses … And I promise these were not forced poses.


It got me thinking about what actual cat bookends are available to buy …

A quick google search and I had found lots - I am a massive fan of Etsy and here is the selection they have: “Cat Bookends” search on Etsy.

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Cat Calendars – Ideal Christmas Presents

For the past 3 years I have made calendars for my family. It has become a tradition now and they all expect and I enjoy making them.

The first year I did pictures to fit the months so  Jess in rabbit ears for April (Easter), Marly in the garden sunbathing for August (Summer), etc etc. This was really easy to create.

Second year I picked pictures of hectic scenes and “photoshopped” Marly and Jess in each one. The aim was a “Where’s Wally” feel. This took some time and effort but it was enjoyable to do and added another level of fun to the calendar. My favourite was the Disney scene …


Jess is by the princess castle (of course) top right and Marly is ice skating with Thumper bottom right.

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A Chair for “Kitten’s” Nursery

My husband and I are very excited to be adding a new member in the family. Not of the “furry purry” kind but a little baby. Having said that my close friends have named my growing bump “kitten” which I love. Then when we know if a boy or girl, bump will become known as “Tom” or “Kitty” … Based on Tom Cat or Hello Kitty of course!

Marly and Jess are definitely sensing something and I will write about that in another post. Also we have been swotting up on preparing the cats for the change it will bring. Again this will take a whole other post.

Firstly though I wanted to share our first purchase related to the baby. We are holding back on buying too much until we know whether we are having a “pink” or “blue” baby. Having said that we have decided to begin on the nursery as we are happy to make this gender neutral.

I was keen to get a nursing chair for night feeds and my criteria were comfy, good quality and fun. After finding this chair on ebay I was “sold” and knew I wouldn’t find anything better.


The company “Chairs for Cherubs” sell this chair upholstered in many different fabrics and you can see them all on their Facebook page:

I can’t wait to get this delivered and test it out and I will definitely be going back for a child sized one at some point too.

Cats Protection – Donating and Shopping

I receive emails from Cats Protection and today I was sent this short note …

“We are very grateful to all of our supporters who voted for Cats Protection to win a £50,000 grant from Support Adoption For Pets towards a new isolation unit at our Haslemere Adoption Centre in Surrey.

Unfortunately we were not successful and we still need to raise the required funds for this desperately needed project.

The Haslemere Adoption Centre has already found loving new homes for over 200 cats and kittens this year. Isolation is used for cats that are unwell and need to be kept separately. Current isolation facilities at the centre are not adequate and urgently need replacing so that we can help even more cats.

Our video shows how life-changing the money would be for the cats and kittens at the centre. To make a donation please text CPAC77 £5 to 70070. Alternatively you can click here to donate via our JustGiving page.

Please help the cats at Haslemere Adoption Centre. Our work is not possible without your support.

Thank you.”

I wanted to help spread the word for the good cause… I have text and added my £5 to the fund. If you do donate, it’s also a great idea to add 25% at no extra cost with Gift Aid. All instructions to do this are in the response text you will receive when donate.

Today I also started my Christmas shopping and bought a couple of things from the shop – this is a great way to contribute and get great gifts at the same time.

Take a look …

As well as the expected cat related items there are also lots of great random items too. I won’t show you what I bought in case someone I have bought for is reading but here are some items in the shop:


I actually own the Kitty Keys as I received them as a gift one Christmas. I love them and am using the ginger cat as it reminds me of my dear departed cat Max. My hubby stole the black one – I think he picked as the least girly of the lot.

Happy shopping!