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Pet Insurance – A Yey or a Neigh

Firstly, apologies for the very cheesy pun in the title. I couldn’t resist!

Moving on …

I am a big believer in pet insurance … despite never having to use. I have insured Marly and Jess since I got them at a cost of £12 a month.

Let’s do the maths:

  • Born 28th June 2008 they are now 5 years and almost 7 months
  • I got them at 5 months
  • 5 years and 2 months = 62 months
  • 62 x 12 = £744

Some people may say that is a waste of £744 but in my eyes I have peace of mind.  If anything happens I will have no hesitation in approving any treatment and paying an excess on the insurance will be a small cost to pay.

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Can Cats Sense Pregnancy?

In short my personal opinion is yes! Marly especially has been acting even clingier and paying me and my belly a lot of attention. She has taken to pawing at the top of my legs with her head bowed to my bump. This continues for a while and she is in a trance like state. Once she decides to settle she then uses my bump as a pillow. Look at her silly little face below. She definitely looks suspicious in this picture …


“What’s in there mummy?!”

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The Paw Project

I watched a distressing program on Netflix today and am feeling really sad.

For all details visit:

I am so pleased that the program has been made as it highlights the brutal process of de-clawing a cat and the dangers it contains for the cat. It also highlighted that many people are un-educated and encouraged by vets – someone you naturally trust – to go ahead with the procedure.

De claw

* Image from

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Grandma or Vets?

Written by Marly

Mummy and daddy play a game with me called “Grandma or Vets?” These are the only 2 places I ever go so every time I am put in the basket they sing a silly song and I have to guess where I am going.

I have been poorly the past few days and been waking mummy and daddy by being sick at 5am every morning. It is horrible and looks like poo. So when I was put in the basket today I was pretty certain I was going to the vets.

I feel OK in myself and have been hungry and happy but it was good that I went to the vet to be sure. Plus, I enjoy the vets. She checked my heartbeat and I enjoyed the attention and rolled around on the table. Then she weighed me and I am now 3.4kg. I have lost 0.5kg since January but this is as been so hot and you can’t tell as I am so fluffy. I am still a healthy weight so this is good too.

Then she did something a bit uncomfortable and tested my temperature by putting a thermometer up my bottom. It was over quite quickly but it was quite a shock and mummy had to hold me down.

Shocked Marly

The diagnosis was fur balls and medication is being added to my food for 3 days which should mean I can “pass” the hairballs easier and I will not be sick.

I will keep you updated.