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A “Top Cat” for your Drinks

A nice hot cup of tea is probably one of my favourite things; so when I saw this Mugtopper I had to have it. Promising to keep tea hotter for longer, and with a cat perched on the top, it is a sweet little item. I bought this in The Range and it was under £2. I am afraid I do not remember the exact amount (and they are not on the website) but it was reasonable.

Here it is:


Close up of the little face:


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The Cat with the Sweet Tooth

For my last birthday my cousin bought me a lovely bottle of champagne and some of the most delicious chocolates*1 I have EVER tasted. Since I have noticed them in Boots and Waitrose and you can buy them online.

Monty Bojangles

What sets them apart from other chocolates and makes them an ideal present for anyone cat mad like me is Monty Bojangles. Branded as “The Cat in Charge” and on all the boxes.


Try them – I promise you will not be disappointed.