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A “Top Cat” for your Drinks

A nice hot cup of tea is probably one of my favourite things; so when I saw this Mugtopper I had to have it. Promising to keep tea hotter for longer, and with a cat perched on the top, it is a sweet little item. I bought this in The Range and it was under £2. I am afraid I do not remember the exact amount (and they are not on the website) but it was reasonable.

Here it is:


Close up of the little face:


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Marly and Jess have a New Friend

She is called Sunbeam and you can learn more about her here:

Digibirds are advertised as “new interactive pet for kids” – I think that should be rephrased to “new interactive friend for cats” …


We were unsure how the cats would react to Sunbeam but were very surprised when they sniffed, patted gently and then seemed immediately fond of her. No attacking or trying to eat whatsoever.

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